Limo service

Limo service

Limo Service is one of the services provided by Taxi Crowne; a service of the highest level offering optimal travel comfort. We will provide you with a drink; carry your luggage whilst you travel in one of our most luxurious taxis. With Taxi Crowne limo service you will travel like a real VIP. We will pick you up and take you wherever you want to go whenever you want to go.

Limo Service Charges

See charges for our limo service below.

Taxi Crowne Limo Service per hour

Minimum period is 2 hours.

Please note: start and end points must be the same.

Amsterdam Airport Service

Listed below are the charges from Amsterdam to Schiphol and back.

Taxi Crowne Airport Transfer

These rates are only valid between Amsterdam and Schiphol. If you are staying outside of Amsterdam, please contact us for further rates.

How does Limo Service work?

If you would like to take advantage of the unique Service on offer by Taxi Crowne, go to our website where you can book a reservation. Enter your details on the reservations page and we’ll take care of the rest. You will immediately be notified of the price and confirmation of the booking. The rates for our service are calculated per hour and with a minimum booking period of two hours. At Taxi Crowne both advance bookings and ‘last-minute-bookings’ are possible.

Service & Comfort

Experience the comfort of our taxis. Our Limo Service offers more comfort than a regular taxi. We will pick your luggage up, store it carefully in the spacious boot and on arrival at your destination carry it in for you.


Travelling with children? If you need a car seat for the youngest guest just let us know. We also have car seats or boosters seats for children of up to four years.

Taxi Crowne Limo Service

Wish to make use of Taxi Crowne’s excellent limo service? Then book your trip today. We hope to quickly introduce you to the most unique and best service that we offer.